Ten Things to Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers


Having a great smile and straight white teeth is definitely something coveted by people across the world. Oftentimes, someone’s teeth or smile is the first thing you notice about them, and it’s completely natural to want to put forward a good first impression. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s even possible to obtain teeth as perfectly white or straight as many celebrities have, the secret to those stunning smiles might actually be veneers. Even for those who are vigilant about oral hygiene, the reality is that most people just don’t have the natural resources for that type of straight and perfectly white smile.

This is why many people are opting for porcelain veneers to help boost their confidence and brighten their smiles. If you’re curious about what exactly porcelain veneers are, how they are applied to your teeth, and some general tips and tricks to ensure veneers are right for you, read on to learn more!


1 – What Exactly are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are comprised of a thin layer of porcelain that is affixed to the surface of the tooth. Each person’s mouth is different, so to mimic the surface of the tooth as closely as possible, your veneers will be customized for you in size, shape, and color. There are two main purposes for getting veneers, and the first of these is for cosmetic purposes. For individuals who have major challenges with the size or color of their teeth, veneers are often a good route for individuals to feel more comfortable in their own skin and more confident in their smile.

The other reason someone might get veneers is for restorative purposes. Veneers cover just the surface of the tooth, and for this reason, using them as opposed to a crown that covers the entire tooth can be less invasive. They can also be a great way to keep the functionality of natural teeth without having to replace them with implants or dentures.


2 – Good Candidates for Veneers

While most people might want that perfect white smile that comes with getting veneers, the reality is that not everyone is a good candidate for them. There are several issues that veneers can address, however, so if you have any of the following considerations when it comes to your mouth and smile, then veneers might be a good fit for you.

  • Spacing problems
  • Uneven or narrow teeth
  • Severe and irremovable staining
  • Crowding of the teeth
  • Chipping
  • Old or degraded restorations or fillings


3 – When to Avoid Veneers

Veneers will only work on individuals who have healthy gum and bone structures, so if this doesn’t apply to you, then you might not be a great candidate for veneers. Additionally, veneers are not adequate restoration for badly failing teeth and should only take the place of crowns if the long-term impact is minimal. Veneers also have a shorter lifespan than crowns and bridges, so that’s another important consideration if you’re interested in getting veneers for restorative purposes. Finally, dental veneers are irreversible because the process requires the removal of a layer of enamel, making your teeth without the protection of veneers too sensitive to heat and cold. Because of this, it is strongly recommended against getting veneers at a young age. While most dentists recommend against individuals under the age of 18 from getting veneers, there is no actual age restriction. Be sure you’re following the advice of a trusted dentist when it comes to getting veneers as you don’t want to incur permanent changes to your teeth and mouth unnecessarily. 


4 – Professional Veneer Application

If you decide you’re interested in getting veneers, then it’s time to set up an appointment with your dentist. After doing a thorough consultation, if your dentist agrees that a veneer application would be a good fit for you, the process will be scheduled into two separate appointments. If you have any dental work such as fillings that need to be done, your dentists will make sure to schedule this before the veneer application process begins as well.

For the first veneer application visit, your dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel from your teeth, then take an impression of your teeth to create an accurate mold for constructing the porcelain veneers. The dentist will work with you to determine specific shapes and colors that will be best suited to you, and following this will provide you with temporary veneers. At the second veneer application appointment, your temporary veneers will be replaced with permanent ones. During this process, heavy-duty glue is applied to the teeth and attached to the permanent veneer. This application normally requires a local anesthetic. 


5 – Veneer Side Effects

It’s perfectly natural to wonder what the recovery process is like after getting veneers, however luckily the aftereffects of veneer application are relatively minimal. It’s possible that you might experience increased sensitivity due to the reduced enamel on your teeth. You might also experience some slight soreness in the soft tissues of your mouth, however, there shouldn’t be any major pains or discomforts. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s important to contact your dentist right away. 


6 – After-care for Your Veneers

Luckily, veneers don’t require anything particularly strenuous in terms of after-care. In fact, for the most part, you should treat them like regular teeth. Make sure you schedule regular dental check-ups and teeth cleanings to stay on top of any issues. Be sure to also keep your teeth and gums clean with good oral hygiene practices as the more energy you put into taking care of your veneers, the longer they will last!


7 – How Long Do Veneers Last?

It’s important to remember when taking the plunge and investing in veneers that they cause a permanent change to your teeth but only provide a semi-permanent solution. With good care and oral hygiene practices, veneers generally last between 10-15 years. However, once you get veneers for the first time, you will need to continue to maintain and replace them. This is why it’s so important to do your research and have a thorough consultation with your dentist to make sure veneers are the right fit for you. 


8 – Pricing of Veneers

The price of veneers can vary depending on where you live and what dental service you use, however, the average price of veneers is around $1,500 per tooth. While this might seem a lot at first glance, it’s important to remember that veneers generally last 10-15 years, so they should very much be treated as a long-term investment. It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to have all of your teeth fitted with veneers, and most people simply have a few done depending on their specific desires and budget. Unfortunately, veneers are considered to be cosmetic dentistry, and as such, aren’t normally covered by insurance. 


9 – Corrective Dental Work for Veneers

There are a few circumstances in which it might be necessary to have some corrective dental work done in order to enhance the effectiveness of veneers. If you have large gaps in your teeth, for example, this can pose a challenge. Veneers are affixed to the teeth, meaning that large gaps will remain even after a veneer has been attached. To address this, your orthodontist will work to move your teeth and minimize the larger gaps, and then your cosmetic dentist will easily be able to apply the veneers. This also applies to if your teeth are crowded or misaligned- the orthodontist will work to more properly align teeth, and then your dentist will apply veneers.


10 – Veneers are Customizable

Perhaps the most exciting thing about veneers is that you can customize them to both fit your mouth as well as to achieve an overall aesthetic match to the type of smile that you’re interested in. The dentist will work with you to ensure that the color, shape, and size of the veneers are the right fit for your mouth, and help ensure that the effect of your veneers is not an overwhelming and unnatural paper-white color, but something that fits properly with your mouth and is completely undetectable yet gorgeous. 


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