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Patient Testimonials

I have feared the dentist most of my life. Dr. Sherzoy assured me there was nothing to fear. She immediately put me at ease with her kind and understanding way. Dr. Sherzoy is very gentle, I have never experienced any discomfort what so ever during root canals, extractions or cleaning. I always have the highest confidence knowing my experience will be a positive one and that Dr. Sherzoy's work will be done with the highest quality. The atmosphere is relaxing, excellent service by a friendly staff. This was the best dental experience I ever had and would recommend Dr. Sherzoy to anyone young or old.- Joyce

Dr. Sherzoy treats you like a human being, she talks to you and explains exactly what you need and what happens if you do not do anything about it. going to a dentist may be frustrating but she make you comfortable.- Titiana

Dr. Sherzoy is wonderful, she takes great care . Staff is very friendly they have flexible hours. she is great in minimizing pain. I am very satisfied. - Katarzyna

"Very Polite and personable. Work with you to make sure you get the dental work necessary in a way that is most convenient for you" -Cherrell H

"What I like most is the warm and personal feeling you get from the moment you enter the office from the staff. Also the patience Dr. Roshana Sherzoy and her staff have which makes a dentist appointment as enjoyable as it can be. Thank you!" - Danielle Patanella

"Thank you very much for helping me bring back my smile. You are a wonderful doctor and wish you and your family a very happy and healthy live" - Zubeda and Zia Hassan

"I finally got my perfect dentist. My smile look great and I love it! Now I smile a lot and with confidence. Thanks to Dr. Sherzoy" - Jean Bleitzhofer

"Does not matter what kind of challenge you experience on a dentist chair... all you need is people with good energy taking care of you. Makes everything easier. I thank everybody so much for that. Thanks Dr. Sherzoy and Staff, you guys are the best!" - Ebru Brun

Dr. Sherzoy is very gentle, caring and kind and so professional. she has soft touch, she is painless. She helps me to be able to use payment plans, which help me tremendous and office staff are great" - Duran Materyl

"Dr. Sherzoy is the best dentist I have ever had. I always been afraid of the dentist. She used nitrous on me and made me very confortable. She is very competent. I trust her completly. I love her friendly staff and clean moderm office." - Ali Materyl

"Thank you Dr. Sherzoy. My experience at this office was the greatest. They took good care of me, and made sure I was confortable at all time throughout my procedures. Dr. Sherzoy is a great dentist, very gentle. The staff is nice and very caring as well. I would be sure to refer my friends and family to this office." - Sharif Norris

"Thank you for all your work with me, and patience, it was a wonderful experience." - Samir Elkholu

"before I came to Dr. Sherzoy I had a big gap. I was afraid when I smile, she did a great job on my teeth. I feel very happy with my smile now. Thank you" - Marie Legros

I had a very good experience in this office. These team is very friendly, the environment is very pleasant. Dr sherzoy is very professional and her work is a like a piece of art. She like what she does and that makes a big diference. I'm glad i found this place, blesing always."
- Maria Chan

"Wonderful even though I am afraid of the dentist. The hygienist is very pleasant and pain free. Assistant very nice and beautiful personality." - Victoria Davis

"I had an amazing time. I was completely frightened when i walked in, and now i'm not afraid anymore. Thanks SMILE NJ"
- Janet Ulepic

"you couldnt find yourself in more capable hands. Dr. Sherzoy and her staff are highly professional and yet warm and welcoming, committed to assure your comfort at all times while providing top-notch care. Dr. Sherzoy goes out of her way to touch base with me in between appointments to make sure all is well. She and her support staff are hands-down the best experience I've ever had with a dentist's office." - Rie

"the staff is helpful and very friendly and the dentist does an exelent work! our whole family was very pleased with the visit"
- Karin Karsten

"You are just great" - Lynn Kerrigan

"Your staff and office are always welcoming which makes coming to your office an enjoyable experience" - Chad Reyes

"your staff is very professional and friendly. Your office is warm and inviting and I felt very comfortable there. Going to the dentist can be an unsettling experience but I was completely at ease and felt confident in the dentist and her expertise."

- Sheree Morris-Horton

"Dr. Sherzoy is truly amazing! she is intelligent, elegant and knows her business inside and out. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I won't go anywhere else. Her staff is very pleasant and helpful. I wish i knew about her sooner." - Andre Guibor

"The office was clean, and lovely. The staff was also quite lovely. I thought Juliana, my hygienist was super. She was thorough with her explanations of what she was going to do/happen. it was a very positive experience!" - Beth Cruz

"The staff is very friendly. The doctor takes her time to explain everything if you have any question. She's so nice and very gentle. There's hardly a wait when I come." - Maria Venez

"You are all The Best!!!" - Nancy Delieto

"The staff is courteous, friendly and professional. Your office is a great place to smile." - Luis Batista

"Staff is friendly, office is clean and modern, doctor sherzoy is very professional, gentle, and friendly. Definitely enjoyed my experience here :)" - Janell Adams

"On Wednesday, May 18th 2011, my tooth cracked and a co-worker referred me to Dr. Sherzoy. I made an appointment that very same day. When I walked into her office it was emasculate! her staff at the front desk were very nice and polite. Her technician who takes x-rays was very nice as well. Dr. Sherzoy walked in with a beautiful smile, which put me at ease. With a camera she explained to me what needed to be done. To my surprise the camera showed her I needed a root canal. Dr. Sherzoy is the first dentist
I have ever been in 55 years who is very mild mannered when putting novacane in your mouth. She has a wonderful demeanor when conversing with you. She took her time and did the root canal in just one day, which truly amazed me and I did not express how she truly mastered her craft to be a painless dentist. Once everything is cpmpleted she shows you with her camera on a manitor what was done." - Gail Brown

Dr. Sherzoy is a great dentist she provides outstanding service. She has great hands provides painless service. She has great support staff and reasonable prices. She is the best dentist I have ever had. - Denise

Dr Sherzoy delivers a level of care and expertise that seldom coexists. She is a perfectionist who makes you feel more like a relative setting in her chair than simply another patient. That why I trusted her to do extensive work in my mouth that resulted in a winning smile and a fan for life. - Amy