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Our Staff

Kirsy Genao
Dental Assistant Financial coordinator
     My name is Kirsy Genao. I am the mother of a 4 year old baby girl. After high school I attended Montclair State University, where I was going for my bachelors degree in education. I had to change career path when I received the news that I was going to become a mother. The reason I changed my career path was because I needed to have a stable job after birth. Becoming a dental assistant, I would be certified by the time my daughter arrived. I ended up becoming a dental assistant because my best friend was one and explained all the benefits. 
     I enjoy staying at home with my husband and daughter. I 'm very family oriented, I dislike when people take advantage of others because I love to help others. In 5 years I plan on finishing my education and becoming a hygienist, since I am already in the dental field. In 20 years I plan on finishing my bachelors and even receiving a masters. This office has showed me how to treat everyone according to their ways. You must have patience in order to achieve all your goals and make everyone happy, or at least try to.  
Duran Sherzoy
Duran Sherzoy

Hello I am Duran Sherzoy and here are some things about me.


The licences and certifications I’ve earned are, in auto mechanics, in New Jersey real estate, as well certified and licensed by the American Dental Association in dental assisting. My personality enjoys interacting with people and providing services. It’s also friendly, enthusiastic, professional, and fun. My full time journey with Smile Center Of Englewood started in 2014; ever since then I loved coming to Smile Center Of Englewood to meet and help patients.

My mission is to really help our patients receive their ideal and Optimal Health that is possible through our undivided care.

Laura Jimenez
Front Desk / Schedule Coordinator

I have been in the dental field since 2012. I am the mother of 3. I enjoy spending time with my family and cooking. I'm very dedicated to my work position and productivity of our dental practice.

Ali Sherzoy

Dr. A. Sherzoy is now working with us as an Aesthetic specialist. He is a Medical Doctor with experience in surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Aesthetic Medicine. He had a Full Cardiovascular practice in New York. He recently moved to New jersey close to home. We are privileged to have him on board.

Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant

My name it Thiago, I have worked in the dental field since 2007 and I am passionate about it. Over this ten years of experience, I worked as an assistant as well completed a bachelor degree in dentistry abroad. I am family oriented, and always have a smile on my face.

      I am seeking another degree in Fine Arts to accomplish another dream of mine. My goal at Smile Center of Englewood is to make each and every patient happy every day.